Harrington House and Gardens is the kind of place that you never knew was there:

Nestled in the quiet Historic Perkins’ Neighborhood of Warren, Ohio, Harrington House and Gardens is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise wild and hectic existence.

The present owners and residents, the Ortzen-Abbott family, moved from London, England in 2006, buying this property in 2008. They have taken a house whose only future was condemnation and demolition, and are turning it and the surrounding land into a lifestyle for the benefit and empowerment of residents, guests, passers-by, and, of course, themselves!

It is their dream to turn the house and 2,000+ sq feet of raised produce gardens into as close to a self-sufficient urban paradise as is possible, eventually boasting (among other things) low maintenance, and water and energy conservation.

Charles Adams Harrington instructed the construction of this Italianate style house in the 1860s.

It was completed in 1870 and was resided in until the 1970′s.

The first residents were the family of Attorney Charles Adams Harrington and then that of his son, Frank Wales Harrington.

When Frank Harrington passed away from tuberculosis, the Hutchinson family purchased the house from Mr. Harrington’s widow, Carrie.

Later, Professor Henry E. B. Coursen and his daughter Camille (both music instructors) lived here.

Influenced by Charles’ father William, who owned a farm in Trumbull County, plots of land have been added to the original garden to allow for future development of a very spacious sculptured Italian/Tuscan-style landscape, in addition to the immense (by city standards, anyway) ‘kitchen’ garden.

We are open to the public for tours by appointment only.