What else happened in 1870?

The Residents

Findings in the House

Façade Transformation


This structure is Italianate in style.

The land on which Harrington House is situated is lot #29 of Perkins First Addition to the City of Warren.

Completed in 1870, this property was lived in as a residence until the 1970′s.
The first residents were the family of Attorney Charles Adams Harrington and then that of his son, Frank Wales Harrington.

From the early 1890′s until 1912, the Hutchinson family resided here, followed by Henry E. B. Coursen and his daughter Camille, who taught music from the house.

It was converted into Medical offices in the late 1900s, and was later used as Office Supply sales quarters.

Most recently, it appears that there might have been an intention to convert this house into residential appartments, as when purchased by the current owners, there was evidence of extensive demolition work.

272 Washington St. N.W. was named ‘Harrington House and Garden’ in honour of its first residents, and is currently undergoing restoration by Frank Abbott and Rebekah Mancino to revert it to its original purpose as a single-family dwelling.

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